I’m Jo Ferrone, and I’m passionate about supporting women, especially those balancing life with running a business!

My story

In my work and my life in general I absolutely love helping people … that is truly what it is all about for me.  How DOES she do it?! was born when I’d been running my business for a little while and despite having a steady flow of wonderful clients, it became clear that I was isolated and becoming very insular; we are so blessed to work for ourselves, to decide our own schedules and  be flexible, but that doesn’t mean we’ve chosen the easy option by any means! Fortunately, in speaking with other people, it became clear that I was not the only one feeling this way. I created How DOES she do it?! as a community for like-minded souls to connect and regain a sense of being part of something.

By being open, honest, authentic and true, I hope to encourage others to share their struggles as well as their highlights. In keeping the lines of communication open, I’m certain that the community is a valuable resource for any female business owner out there.

I’m so inspired to hear about all of the incredible business-owning women out there, so please do get in touch.

Jo Ferrone

My values & beliefs

Honesty and authenticity

How DOES she do it?! Do you know, I honestly don’t think she does EVERYTHING – as modern women we try to be everything to everyone, but at the end of the day we can’t do it all, at least not at the same time. I’m on a mission to encourage realistic expectations and being completely open about our highs and our lows. We must support each other – it is vital.

Collaboration over competition

This is something I shout loudly about as I believe we have so much potential to support and work with each other and become such powerful forces. Setting great examples as we work with and not against each other. The positivity and potential is endless 

Support and connection

Running a business can be a wonderful thing to do and we are so lucky with the flexibility it brings us. Though the positives are many, there is a big negative and that is the insular and somewhat lonely existence we can experience. This is why I am super keen to keep us all connecting and supporting one another as too much alone time, computer time and social media time can be unhealthy for our minds, and mental wellbeing is something I hold very close to my heart.

My Approach

I originally set up the Facebook group so I could reach out to others … to see how they found this life of working for themselves whilst juggling life around it all! I wanted to give them the chance to reach out to others too as I believe it’s good to talk!

It grew very quickly indeed and I am incredibly pleased that so many have got so much out of it.  Often I’ll speak to business connections of mine and ask how they met; often their answer is through How DOES she do it?!, either online or at the face-to-face networking events – this is very humbling for me.  The collaborations, support and friendship that have grown from this tight-knit and supportive community just blows me away and I feel very grateful to have been a part of it.

How DOES she do it?! is a growing space and currently consists of a free Facebook group where business-owning women (many of them mums) join the community for support, encouragement and inspiration, whilst also having the chance to promote their businesses to one another weekly too.

About Jo Ferrone and How DOES She Do It!?

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