It was around this time last year I was feeling in need of change. A chance to write, an adventure and a new step out of my comfort zone. I was deliberating and weighing up the practicalities, pros, cons and the guilt factor too. Could I go on a writing trip to the coast on my own?

There was one week in the diary where I had a 4 day window, my hubby would have been able to control work and our boys, yet I still didn’t go for it. It was at a meet up with friends where I braved sharing my crazy idea and they said I should just go for it! So I did! Isn’t it funny – I wanted to do it, my hubby supported it fully, yet it took others to convince me it was ok to do!

I called the holiday company, booked the gorgeous pad we’d stayed at and adored just 3 weeks before and the decision was made!

Little did I know it would be the best and most timely step out of my comfort zone ever!

It did me so much good, taught me loads about myself, made me so grateful for my courage, my independence, inspired creativity and connection. It allowed time to breathe, to sit with stillness and quiet to allow my thoughts, wishes and talents to peek through.

A lovely treat was that my songwriting began again in earnest. Almost like a river that had burst it’s banks; the ideas and my voice overflowed and it felt incredible and so right.

I met and spoke with wonderful people. Strangers, I observed with glee, filling up with joy at the friendships, familiarity, kindness and fun I witnessed.

I laughed at myself when I couldn’t decide where to go each morning as I didn’t have anyone telling me no or saying what they wanted to do (if you’re a parent you’ll understand me here!).

I adored taking photos, wistfully gazing out to sea. The colours, light, reflections, beauty, the perfect warm spring-like weather (it was only early February).

It was truly wondrous. I felt whole, brave, inquisitive, creative, emerging, re-born, young, child-like, carefree and like a real artist.

I wondered why I’d been reticent about allowing this short time, out of my whole life to do something alone. It wasn’t a sin, and it bore no negative relation to or impact on my husband and our boys. If anything, it was a chance for them to have a break from me and then to see their Mama return, a flourishing human being.

I adored my time, and missed my boys, but how refreshed and excited I was to reunite with them again!

I’ll be forever grateful to Tamsyn Jefferson-Harvey for inspiring and sowing a seed of interest in this idea of taking solo time out – hear her story here. Thank you my lovely!