The summer holiday is fast approaching and I am planning on juggling my family and my business. I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old so am juggling most of the time anyway!

I am still working most evenings seeing my reflexology clients, although am taking some time off in the middle of August (plus a few other random evenings). This is my normal juggle of the family and clients, as I have to be ready to see my reflexology clients at bed time for my children. Meaning that I am rushing out of the door or rushing them up the stairs with daddy.

My main juggle will be the admin and the marketing side of my business. Which will need to keep ticking by even with the children around, I will be hopefully keeping on top of my daily admin of finances when I can and treatment forms as I go in the evenings.

Marketing is another juggle completely as my facebook and instagram followers don’t really want to see pictures of my children and our goings on every day!  I am planning to schedule a lot of the summer holiday posts in advance, I will spend some time each weekend putting together my posts and blurbs for the week ahead. I have also started a blog recently and post every other week, so I need to keep on top of this too. I have already planned the topics that I am going to write about, and have pre-written some of the posts.

My plan whilst having my week off (I’m not going away) is not to be glued to my phone!  When we are out and about I will turn off my mobile data so nothing can ping through (this worked really well when we did have our holiday over Easter). I really enjoy being internet free and think it’s really important if you are juggling to do this for your own sanity. As well as being present in the moment of this summer holiday as although 6 weeks seems a long time it will go by in flash.

In a nut shell my juggle this summer is to keep my evening clients happy and relaxed with their regular reflexology sessions, but also to plan my marketing on my social media and blog in advance and enjoy some internet/phone free time with my family.


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