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Appraisals for independent women

As female business owners we are empowered to run the business we love, in the hours we choose and earn the money we deserve.

But who can you turn to, to tell you how you’re doing?

How can you assess your progress, and identify ways of elevating your potential?

The answer is REV:YOU.

Whilst corporate employees expect to have their progress reviewed on a regular basis, independent businesses all too often miss out on this vital means of development (and feeling of accomplishment).

REV:YOU is an independent appraisal service that seeks to review your progress as a business person, identify growth and development, whilst also highlighting how else you can achieve your full potential.

How does it work?

Simply identify and share details of a selection of ‘appraisers’ who know you and your business, book your REV:YOU and leave the rest to us.

We’ll report back to you in a face to face online meeting to sing your praises/to help remind/show you everything you’ve got right and identify ways this feedback can inspire you to be even better.

Be uplifted, excited, proud and joyful as you hear what others think about you, your business and your many achievements too.

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