Inspirational appraisals for business-owning women

You run a business that you love. You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck: you decide what you do, and when you do it.

But while there’s no-one standing over you, there’s also nobody appreciating your triumphs or encouraging your ambitions. Corporate employees have regular assessments but if you work for yourself then you miss out on this vital means of development and sense of accomplishment.

So, how can you assess your progress and recognise your success?

The answer is REV:YOU™

What is REV:YOU™?

REV:YOU™ is my independent appraisal service that reviews your business progress, identifies areas for your growth and development, and highlights ways to reach your full potential.

You get the chance to look back and reflect on your last business year.

I get the opportunity to help you set, and pursue, your goals for the year ahead.

How does REV:YOU™ work?

Part one

Identify three people in your life who know you well. They could be your partner, your friend, a member of your family or a client: it’s up to you who you choose.

They will then receive a questionnaire specifically designed to provide independent and empathetic insight, relaying what makes you unique.

You’ll fill out a questionnaire too, concentrating on the year that you and your business have had. What should you be celebrating? What strategies did you employ that worked well? Which areas might you want to focus on in the future?

Part two

Once we’ve received the completed questionnaires, we’ll schedule an online meeting for you with me, Jo Ferrone. I will share the positive feedback that will uplift and energise you.

We’ll also work together on how you can move forward over the next 12 months, building on the strong foundation you already have and instilling the drive in you to be even better!

Discover more about REV:YOU™

Working for yourself can be tough and it often feels difficult to stay motivated. I truly believe that you deserve to receive meaningful feedback on the job you’re doing, and that’s where REV:YOU™ comes in.  Specifically designed to help eliminate that sense of ‘going it alone’ and to ensure that you get to hear just how brilliant you are, REV:YOU™ will celebrate your achievements, illuminate your talents, and empower you for a fantastic year ahead.

Re-affirm – Re-vitalise – Re-focus



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