I’ve come to realise that one of the main benefits of being away on holiday isn’t the sea, the eating out or the attractions (though of course these are all AMAZING), but for me one of the single greatest wins is simply cutting out the distractions.

I had previously thought that leaving behind day-to-day responsibilities (be they chores or commitments etc.) was uppermost on that list of distractions, but it dawned on me recently that it’s actually a whole heap of unwanted baggage that is weighing me down.

Even though I’ve spent time decluttering our ‘stuff’ at home over the past year or so, it was when I took the holiday washing out to the garage (where our washing machine resides) that I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of ‘things’. Many of those things were so familiar (as part of the backdrop to the garage for some months) yet having lived in a spacious and minimalist house whilst I was away, I felt them hit me like a bus. I felt the same when entering my boys’ bedrooms too; tonnes of belongings crammed into space that could surely serve us so much better.

I could spend forever clearing and sorting and worrying about getting rid of things that might be missed. I also worry about being wasteful, but then I think back to the holiday, on which we took the following:

  • A box of lego
  • Colouring books
  • Reading books
  • 2 board games
  • 3 card games

That was plenty for us and we used them all; probably because we weren’t bamboozled with too much choice.

We also had so much clear space around us whilst we were away. Space to enjoy reading a book or a playing a fun game. It helped us focus on these lovely, enjoyable and present situations. When you go away you see the wood for the trees. Your mind is clear because your space is clear.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course the change of scenery, both inside and out, puts a different slant on your perspective; but I honestly believe that if you were to stay in a beautiful holiday home, yet one that was filled to the rafters with ‘things’, then surely if would make for a significantly lesser experience.

So in these days that follow our holiday, whilst it is still fresh in our minds, I am making an effort to clear more ‘busy-ness’ that forms from excess. I want to see if I can continue to make our home* more of a calm and clutter-free zone; one that the whole family can benefit from.

NB. I feel I should clarify; my house is not a tip – promise!

I’d love to hear if you can relate to any of the above?